I Hate Myself and Want to Die: Nanoisms of 2005 - Miri Mirror

Very entertaining read. Kind of makes me wish November was here already.

— feeling smile
Asexuality: A Brief Introduction - Asexuality Archive

Good that this book exists. It's quite repetitive if you read it linearly, but it's good if someone just wants to pick some subjects.

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Dzienniki z lat wojny 1939-1945
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The Island of Dr. Moreau
H.G. Wells
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What if? A co gdyby? Naukowe odpowiedzi na absurdalne i hipotetyczne pytania
Randall Munroe, Sławomir Paruszewski
Duchowość ateistyczna. Wprowadzenie do duchowości bez Boga
André Comte-Sponville
Kensington Gardens
Natasha Wimmer, Rodrigo Fresán
Children's Literature in Sweden
Boel Westin
God natt min älskade
Inger Frimansson
Alan Blair, Pär Lagerkvist
Diagnosen og andre noveller (The Diagnosis and Other Stories)
Jostein Gaarder
The Tennis Players (New Directions paperbook)
Lars Gustafsson